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The Most Important Tech Tools for Business Owners with Amy Keys

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Amy Keys walks us through some of the most popular tech tools in the business world today, and how properly leveraging their functions can dramatically increase your workplace productivity. Get to know more about how virtual CTO services work in this episode, as well as which tech tools stand out amongst the rest.

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Amy Keys

Amy Keys is the Founder of The Digital Capital Company, a Virtual CTO service that helps business owners leverage technology so that tech tools become simple, functional, and most importantly, effective. Amy believes that entrepreneurs should have the freedom to do what they love the most, to work ON their company and not in it, focusing on growing their venture and not being overwhelmed by complex, unnecessary day-to-day issues with tech.

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Website: https://mydigitalcapital.com/about/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amykeys/


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